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When the mobile phone signal jammer is working, some mobile phones show a signal. Why is this?

When the mobile phone shielding device is working, there are two possibilities for the signal displayed on the mobile phone:

The first is that the mobile phone can be connected. If the mobile phone can be connected, it means that the shielding area has not reached effective shielding and there are leaks. Then it also means that your current mobile phone shielding products cannot meet the shielding requirements of your site;

One is that the mobile phone cannot be connected. If this is the case, it means that the mobile phone is in a critical state, and this happens on mobile phones with strong anti-interference and high sensitivity.

Can I still surf the Internet after the school mobile phone is blocked?

Nowadays, many schools have installed mobile phone shielding devices. After the shielding is turned on, can the student party still go online?

Generally speaking, there are three ways to surf the Internet on mobile phones.

The first way is to surf the Internet via mobile phone operator signals. As soon as the shielding device is turned on, the mobile phone cannot receive the operator's signal, which leads to the inability to make calls or text messages, and naturally cannot access the Internet. The shielding is effective.

The second way is to connect the mobile phone to WIFI to surf the Internet. If you are lucky enough, the jammer does not carry the function of shielding the 2.4gwifi channel, then congratulations, although you can't call and text messages, but I have a network in the world, QQ and WeChat voice and video can still be carried out, watching movies and playing games are no problem. However, if the shielding device supports wifi shielding function, then the Internet cannot be accessed in this case, and the shielding is effective.

The third method is to transfer the LAN port of the wired network directly to the mobile phone. This method is like entering the world of no one, just like a computer directly connected to the network cable, no matter whether the shield is opened or not, there is no interference, and the network speed is smooth. But if there is no LAN interface on the external network, it will be called not every day, and it will not work.

In any case, the main task as a student is to study, work hard and study hard, your future is the future of the motherland.

Why is there no signal jammer on the plane?

Although a signal jammer is called a signal "jammer", it is essentially a signal "jammer" and a high-power jammer.

The reason why mobile phones cannot be used on airplanes is to prevent mobile phone signals from interfering with airplane communications. Installing a "jammer" means installing a huge source of interference. Therefore, there will be no such device on the plane!